About Stephe

I’m a professional storyteller, creating sensitive, stylish and quick-witted performances for people of all ages in London, the North-East, and across the UK. I especially love telling English and Scottish fairytales, the epic mythology of ancient Greece and Rome, dramatic chronicle-tales from Britain’s turbulent history, and the fiery folklore of the Anglo-Scottish Borders. And, as a performer inspired by the oral tradition, my repertoire of tales evolves with each new live telling. That means that each show is unique and unrepeatable.

Stephe at Pandora's Box, 2010

My first full-length show, The Border Ballads, premiered at A Bit Crack in 2009. I’ve appeared in six seasons of Vayu Naidu Company’s ‘Licence to Tell’ tour, and in 2011 was one of six emerging storytellers chosen to showcase their work at the Annual Gathering of the Society for Storytelling. In spring 2013 I became the first storyteller-in-residence at Story Jam, challenged to re-tell some of the great epics of world storytelling in a mere five minutes.

I work regularly with students and staff at universities and drama schools, introducing the practical skills of performance storytelling, and using storytelling to help promote public engagement with academic research. I also produce my own original research on the themes of contemporary storytelling, ancient epic performance, and Anglo-Scottish myths and ballads.

If you’d like to hear a sample of my work, then you can listen to me telling an original London fairytale called The Miser’s Daughter here (@ 5.46).

Coming Soon …

The Odyssey at Story Jam, 2 October 2014

Story Jam is charging forward with a roar and a grin. Yes, we’re back and this season we’re doing something truly legendary. Each month, we’ve invited the best storytellers of this fair land to tell us threads from some of the world’s greatest epics. And where do I come into all this? Well, having crammed the whole of the Odyssey into 300 seconds, and the Iliad into a twelfth of an hour, there’s only one place to go, and that’s … below. Odysseus may think that getting home is the hard part, but the ghosts know better. Spill them a nice glug of blood and they’ll tell you why home can be the most dangerous place of all. At Canvas & Cream, 18 London Road, Forest Hill, London, SE23 3HF, 7.30pm. Tickets £7/£6.



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