Stephe Harrop

Contemporary storytelling in performance, training, and research

Stephe sits on the ground, her back to the camera, her arms outstretched, in a pool of light.


Henry V: The King’s Knickers

What do you think about when you think about England? Henry V kicking ass at Agincourt? Or great big M&S knickers? Part history, part story-set, and part straight-up rant, The King’s Knickers wilfully picks at the fraying knicker elastic of national identity, asking what a much-mythologised hero king – and really big pants – can tell us about being English today. (60 minute performance, contains some adult material)

Queens of Albion: Bronze and Stone

In the days before Britain had been named, they were the first to set foot on the island. Sisters. Refugees. Shipwrecked and storm-weary. On the hunt for a home of their own. A land where they could live free. So how come we’ve forgotten the story of our first (and fiercest) mythic mothers? Queens of Albion aims to set the record straight – as well as explaining how a giant made me miss my ninth birthday party. (60 minute performance, contains some adult material)

Janet’s Baby: A New Tamlane

Where here meets there, and this world meets the next, a girl meets a boy, and what follows definitely isn’t safe sex. Between midnight and morning, Janet must play a game of transformations, and the prize at stake is her unborn baby’s name. But a rough wooing isn’t a marriage. And, growing up where kingdoms kiss and lovers part, what new world will Janet’s bairn inherit? This epic re-telling of the ballad Tamlane travels deep into the dark heart of the old borderlands; the place where songs and stories, and the identities of nations, have been forged. (45 minute performance, contains some adult material)