My stock of stories is always growing and changing, but here’s a selection of my favourites …

Queens of Albion: Bronze and Stone

In the days before Britain had been named, they were the first to set foot on the island. Sisters. Refugees. Shipwrecked and storm-weary. On the hunt for a home of their own. A land where they could live free. So how come we’ve forgotten the story of our first (and fiercest) mythic mothers? Queens of Albion aims to set the record straight – as well as explaining how a giant made me miss my ninth birthday party. (60 minute performance, contains some adult material)

Henry V: The King’s Knickers

What do you think about when you think about England? Henry V kicking ass at Agincourt? Or great big M&S knickers? Part history, part story-set, and part straight-up rant, The King’s Knickers wilfully picks at the fraying knicker elastic of national identity, asking what a much-mythologised hero king – and really big pants – can tell us about being English today. (60 minute performance, contains some adult material)

The Wandering Bride

Once upon a time, it was happily ever after. Then everything changed. A refugee goddess went north on dust-tracks and sea-roads. She traded gilded sandals for a pair of sturdy boots. In the far, dark north of the world she sat down, and she waited. And a a girl came knocking at the door … The Wandering Bride is a wondrous, dark old tale of battered hearts and long, long roads. (45 minute performance)


In a world where girls must be good, and princesses must be perfect, Tattybella is … different. She’s noisy, she’s feisty, she’s got hair you could lose a shoe in – and she’s riding a stinky billy-goat, for some reason. Inspired by the Norwegian fairytale Tatterhood, Tattybella is an atmospheric, funny and bittersweet story of adventure, troll-fighting and (toughest of all) growing up a girl. (30 minute performance)

Border Ballads

A sequence of stories inspired by traditional ballads of the lawless lands between Scotland and England. Cattle-thieves and cut-throats jostle queens, kings and courtiers, while the black corbie waits to feast on human flesh. Thrilling tales of love, revenge, high deeds and low cunning from the bad old days of the borders. (45-60 minute performance, contains some adult material)

Janet’s Baby: A New Tamlane

Where here meets there, and this world meets the next, a girl meets a boy, and what follows definitely isn’t safe sex. Between midnight and morning, Janet must play a game of transformations, and the prize at stake is her unborn baby’s name. But a rough wooing isn’t a marriage. And, growing up where kingdoms kiss and lovers part, what new world will Janet’s bairn inherit? This epic re-telling of the ballad Tamlane travels deep into the dark heart of the old borderlands; the place where songs and stories, and the identities of nations, have been forged. (45 minute performance, contains some adult material)